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22nd Feb 2016, 11:59 PM


We are back

Life is very busy these days but I hope to make time for all my art projects. 

Working on the next page, although I am going to have to update my banner and remove my friday updatae. I don't know if I can currently stick to a regular schedule without changing the art style of the comic to something simpler and less time consuming. But we will figure it out eh? 


In the meantime I leave you with a sample of a future panel / poster I have been working on...

A very sad Izzy.... A very sad Izzy...

Much love
I promise a proper update as soon as I have enough time to sit down and write it out

29th Oct 2015, 1:49 PM



So we are officially moved in and my computer is finally connected and ready to go which means as of this week, Soul Sisters is back in production. 

I'm including some pictures of my new set up (wee). There are still a few things to finish up (shelves, corkboard, painting the walls) but nothing that will get in the way of making some headway on SS. 


So excited to have everything in one place, with access to all my art supplies :D

I want to thank all our readers for your patience. See you at our next update! 


21st Sep 2015, 10:38 AM


Light at the end of the Tunnel

So we are finally nearing that moving date. Hard for us since they extended our condo delivery date by a month and a half a week before we were supposed to move in :o

All this to say that in approximately 3 weeks Soul Sisters will be resuming. I have a variety of sketches I have been drawing up for you guys to fill the gaps but I am scanner-less since its somewhere in the precariously stacked wall of boxes  :p so that too will have to wait until I move. Which is almost here! 15 days to be exact. So exicted. 

Meanwhile, more packing / cleaning / ikea shopping to do. 

But I can't wait to get back to the comic, and want to extend thanks to all those who keep reading, and commenting and following our Facebook page. 
Much love, more news soon. 

Here is an early sketch of Tobias for fun:


See you soon!

11th Aug 2015, 10:42 AM



This is all taking a little longer than I was hoping. I reformatted my computer due to graphic issues and reinstalling everything is taking forever :P 

But I did just reinstall photoshop and I will be setting up my graphic pen display this afternoon which means the next page will hopefully be out by friday. 


In the meantime still in moving hell limbo. Woo! Thanks for your patience. 

23rd Jul 2015, 12:29 PM


Things to come

So It's been a while since I posted. A few things I need to mention: 

First, my boyfriend and I recently purchased a condo that is currently being constructed. Assuming all things go according to plan, our delivery date is September 1st, which is just over a month and a week away so I expect my uploading schedule to be in shambles for a few weeks with the packing and moving and furniture shopping assembling. I am very excited to move, our new place will have a studio mezzanine so both my boyfriend and I will have space to do our art (he's a music composer / sound designer for a video game company and is currently working on his own album). In our current set up, we practically sit on top of each other, so its a good thing our schedules are fairly opposing, otherwise I'd never get anything done. 

Also, Mister Lareau (the writer) has his own passion in the Twitch world, you may check him out here  streaming a variety of things (seemingly revolving around zombies) :)

In other news, just another ad for the comic. I know I am running late on the cast. I am trying my best to do everything at once and it is not working :p (Cast, web design, keeping up with the scheduled updates, yaddi yadda) but I swear it is all coming sooner or later. As always, thanks for reading, supporting, commenting and voting for us :) 

Much Love


And the newest ad