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11th Aug 2015, 10:42 AM



This is all taking a little longer than I was hoping. I reformatted my computer due to graphic issues and reinstalling everything is taking forever :P 

But I did just reinstall photoshop and I will be setting up my graphic pen display this afternoon which means the next page will hopefully be out by friday. 


In the meantime still in moving hell limbo. Woo! Thanks for your patience. 

23rd Jul 2015, 12:29 PM


Things to come

So It's been a while since I posted. A few things I need to mention: 

First, my boyfriend and I recently purchased a condo that is currently being constructed. Assuming all things go according to plan, our delivery date is September 1st, which is just over a month and a week away so I expect my uploading schedule to be in shambles for a few weeks with the packing and moving and furniture shopping assembling. I am very excited to move, our new place will have a studio mezzanine so both my boyfriend and I will have space to do our art (he's a music composer / sound designer for a video game company and is currently working on his own album). In our current set up, we practically sit on top of each other, so its a good thing our schedules are fairly opposing, otherwise I'd never get anything done. 

Also, Mister Lareau (the writer) has his own passion in the Twitch world, you may check him out here  streaming a variety of things (seemingly revolving around zombies) :)

In other news, just another ad for the comic. I know I am running late on the cast. I am trying my best to do everything at once and it is not working :p (Cast, web design, keeping up with the scheduled updates, yaddi yadda) but I swear it is all coming sooner or later. As always, thanks for reading, supporting, commenting and voting for us :) 

Much Love


And the newest ad




15th Jun 2015, 4:30 PM


Kinda, sorta frequently asked questions

Heyo hey, folks!

I'm August Lareau, known by certain internet corners as Mister Lareau and known by people who can't pronounce my last name as plain old Mister.

My duty around these parts is to scribble out notes, dialogue and ideas so that Izabela can make pretty pictures out of them.

There are a few questions that have been asked more than a few times and I figured, being that I do so little around here as it is, might as well address them here and maybe later compile inquiries present and future into something of a FAQ page. If you've got questions or commentary you'd like us to address then feel free to send us a comment, message, e-mail, mail bomb or whatever else have you.

1) What is the creative/collaborative process? More to come on this topic later. :D

I scribble stuff out in a notepad, Izabela sketches stuff and somewhere along the way we sit around and talk about it, suggest whatsits and the like but usually she'll show me something and I'll go, "Cool, cool" or I'll show her something and she'll go, "Good, good."

I'm usually not happy with whatever I've written and obsess over it for a while (I've been rewriting and restructuring a scene from way down the line for the past week) and Izabela in her perfectionist nature will usually obsess over little details that she will openly admit no one is ever going to be able to see in the finished product.

This is a question that could probably be better answered on a strip by strip, time by time basis but it's usually pretty smooth going though. Also worth noting is that Izabela is the responsible one and takes care of the business end since I can barely operate this here keyboard without injuring myself.

2) Is there a point/Is it going somewhere/Is it almost done?

Yes, yes and oh hells no.

I'm really bad at gauging exactly how many pages will come of anything that has been written out but I once estimated that just with the basest of the base storyline it would come out to at least eight books. That estimate was gathered a while ago and with a variety of ideas and fleshing out that has occured and continues to occur since then I'd say it'll be far more.

There's going to be a lot of characters, a lot of things and some pretty cool stuffage overall.

The beginning of our story is in progress, I know the middle and I constantly play the end in my head as a movie to a very specific tune from a video game while giggling like a school girl. There is a lot of wiggle room for side stories, sub plots and whatever else all the way through.

3) Are those zombies?

The zombie identity crisis is ongoing throughout the interwebs and thus it depends on your definition. I'd say no, no they're not.

Will zombies as I'd describe them at some point make an appearance? Mayyyyyyybe.... Yes.

13th Jun 2015, 12:48 AM


Shameless Advertising

The new ad page


Did I mention I am terrible at hands? Boo-Urns!

28th May 2015, 12:00 PM


Incentives and chapter pages

Added an incentive for the Top Web comic vote

Still working on the newest page, and we are only a few pages away from the end of the chapter and the official introductions of other characters, including our soul sisters. Exciting. As the incentive a put a base color sketch of a chapter cover page. Which I guess means I should add one for "Chapter 1" eventually. :) Much awesome stuff incoming. 

Also a lot of appreciation to all our subscribers.